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Lynne Knowlton's Tree House

Lynne Knowlton's tree house - This Tree House was designed by Lynne Knowlton. The Designer, Lynne Knowlton, decided she wanted and needed a tree fort. 

She said, "Where else are we going to have pajama parties? Where else can we eat popcorn for dinner? Where else are we going to go when we want to hide from the kids, or the dinner dishes? Duh ... the tree fort. Who says tree forts are only for kids?"

So She bought the remains of his neighbor's barn that had been destroyed by a tornado, and hired a builder. His contractor Chris, brought everything She needed, complete with sleeping loft, dormers and wood stoves.

She Said, "Oh, yah, the fort kinda got away from me!"

Just look at this Lynne Knowlton's Tree House below.

Small Tree House

Home Exterior

Exterior Slide

Exterior of the House


This house has a bar

French Doors View

Interior of the House


Windows View

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